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I now know what they mean when they say movie processing or filtering effected the look of the jacket in the film. Made it look darker, particularly in Raiders. I was wearing my Lambskin Raiders today and took a picture, I had the camera set to a certain filter on the phone, not intentionally, and well you can see the jacket looks very dark, almost black. In person the jacket is chocolate brown colour. As posted a couple of pages back.

Incidentally, while I was there I had my LC Lambskin in the car and decided to zip it up and throw it around hard on the concrete car park floor, which is rough. After doing that a few times I smacked it against one of the concrete pillars a few times. There was barely a scratch on the jacket (Authentic Lambskin), just a tiny scuff on one of the edges. Just goes to show it would take a reasonable beating. Gave up after that.
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