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Originally Posted by ResidentAlien
Yeah and Tomb Raider: Legend is my favorite of those I've played. Played through the entire game in under a week; absolutely addicting.
wow. that's quite a contrast of the general opinion of the TR fan community (myself included). It's fun, but just doesn't feel TR to me.
Amen to the boredom of TR. I've only played a few minutes worth but it was ultimatly boring.
Which one did you play? If it was one of the classics (old ones) then you didn't play enough. That "boredom" is what us TR fans love so much about the classics: you get to thoroughly explore your environment, having to figure out puzzles on your own instead of having your hand held like so many games do these days. And the slow pace is almost always interrupted by some new enemy or trap. Trust me, if you like Indy (but not so much that you damn any other treasure hunter to hell) then you should give one of the classics TRs, say TRII (seen as the best), a shot. You'll like it. Unless you're into the fast-paced run and gun bloody-gore fest games have become.
Nah, Infernal Machine all the way.
Ironic, since that game is basically TR with Indy's skin on it. You played The Last Revelation? Wrong TR to start with. It's very hardcore, even some TR fans don't like it. I suggest trying Chronicles to ease into it, or if you want the best experience play TR I or II.
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