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Originally posted by Barryson Ford

Is Indy confronted with the McCartney hearings in Indy 4 ?
Perhaps Indy is forced on a mission by the administration to find some 'deadly' artifact or he gets labelled a communist.

[Edited by Barryson Ford on 06-07-2003 at 01:37 pm]

I'd REALLY hate to sound like a nagging nerdy English and History geek (which I can ben when I'm in school) but it's the "McCarthy" hearings I think you're talking about. Now the irony would not escape me if I misspelled THAT name, so if I did someone feel free to bug me.

But corrections aside, that is an interesting quote. Does this mean they're putting actual political points in a comic book-inspired film? This might actually be cool, if it doesn't descend into some sort of Robocop 2-esque "kids don't do drugs" kind of message.

This little tidbit is so damn tantilising.....I could just...just....giggle like a school girl.

(I really need to get out more I think.)
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