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Originally Posted by Stoo
The request for applications has been terminated. It is finnished.
Well, within the last hour SOMEONE (for some ridiculous reason) changed the title of the OTHER thread! Its previous title was almost identical to this one. How 'bout them apples?

Curios, indeed! Also I must confess that I had at one point started a thread entitled "Homages to Other Films" that was merged with that one.

Originally Posted by Stoo
Here we go with repeating ourselves...

More than you are aware:

Originally Posted by Stoo
"Journey to the Center of the Earth". Escape by underneath pressure in a cylindrical hole of rock. was pointed out 2 years ago in said thread:

Originally Posted by Indy's brother
In KOTCS, there is also a scene directly inspired by this 1959 adventure classic. At the end of both films, the adventurer and his companions escape a crumbling subterranean death trap by being expelled through a vertical cave. In "Journey", lava propels them. In "Kingdom" water propels them.
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