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Originally Posted by goodeknight
Good observations, Nathan. The ones I picked out above bring up one of my biggest problems with the movie, though.

First came the original serials Spielberg and Lucas loved. Then came the Indy movies. Then came Indy ripoffs like The Mummy, Tomb Raider, and National Treasure. Some were pretty good. But then for Indy movies to rip off the movies that ripped them off??? It's like a fifth generation Xerox copy.

You are aware that one can do exactly the same with Raiders, TOD and TLC i.e. highlight the direct influences/homages and plagiarisms??? KOTCS suffered from 'been there done that' syndrome for sure... but I don't think you can blame the movie for using the franchises staple diet of booby traps, creepy crawlies, ancient artifacts etc. etc. If one wants to critique in this area, then it's probably more apt to examine how successfully those elements were used (or argue that they should have gone in an entire new direction).
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