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Originally Posted by JediJones
Simply put, which of all the villains would you rather see an entire spinoff movie devoted to? Belloq? Boring and French.
Recast Belloq without the French accent (Tom Selleck?) and it'd be easy to forget that he even was a villain.
Even though you like the fact that Spalko has an "exotic accent", according to you:

1) One of the two main reasons you wouldn't be interested in seeing a movie about Belloq is because he is French.
2) You think Belloq's ONLY villainous trait is his French accent.

Why is his French nationality unappealing to you? Does a French accent automatically make a character a villain?

(Something tells me that you don't like the French. Thanks for letting us know.)
Originally Posted by JediJones
Spalko was a case where we were really properly shown who she was as a character rather than told.
Did you fall asleep during the movie? The dialogue about Spalko's past tells a lot of information about her and is much MORE than was given for any other villain in all 4 films. Plus, her psychic ability is talked about but NEVER shown.

(You've made many other ridiculous comments but these were the top ones.)
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