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Originally Posted by Stoo
Does a French accent automatically make a character a villain?
Duh! The French are all evil. Just go to Paris. You'll see! -- Kidding. The people of rural France are generally very nice. Didn't go to Paris. I think Parisians could give mercenaries a bad name.

Originally Posted by Stoo
The dialogue about Spalko's past tells a lot of information about her and is much MORE than was given for any other villain in all 4 films. Plus, her psychic ability is talked about but NEVER shown.
Yeah, what other villain gets his own file shown on camera and practically read aloud?

Spielberg is notoriously in-your-face when it comes to exposition. Raiders was great. Something like the killer plant exposition scene in Minority Report is Spielberg at his worst. In Spalko's case (file), all she amounts to is hollow exposition.
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