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Out of all the films I've watched, the first one to ever leave me disappointed was KotCS (of course I've grown a lot since then, been disappointed many more times after). I was that kid that wanted to be an archaeologist, who was only a bit older than Indy was in the YIJCs. I'm not sure why, but somehow it had managed to disappoint a never disappointed child before.

But as I watch it now, aside from all the problems, CGI or other, I find they just copied the Indy equation without giving it anything new. It was essentially LC done worse. Now the actual MacGuffin wasn't too bad, and could've been really cool, but I think it relied too heavily on nostalgia, and they tried to make it revoke even more by having similar scenes and plot devices and characters.

LC: Henry Sr. sends home journal to Indy to use it and keep out of hands of Nazis
CS: Marion sends Indy Oxley's journal to use and keep out of hands of Russians

LC: Elsa betrays Jones even though she disagrees with some of their morals
CS: Mac betrays Jones even though he disagrees with their morals (com vs cap)

LC: Jones travels to place where father had been working to understand journal
CS: Jones travels to place where Oxley had been kept to understand journal

I can keep going, but I'd rather not.

The movie just seemed like a weak attempt. And while I like it for what it is now, it still can't ever compare.
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