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Originally Posted by Z dweller
As you can probably gather from my chosen Raven name, I am a huge Fawcett fan.
Don't know why I never made the connection before! Cool name. So...being a Z dweller, are you a redhead?

I haven't read Grann's book yet but did read his lengthy article in "The New Yorker" and all of the expeditions to find Fawcett, including his own, are just as fascinating. Without a doubt, this film will boost sales of his book (& "Exploration Fawcett").

Yes, it looks like certain aspects have been sensationalized (one glaring example is Fawcett as an infantry officer in WW1 instead of artillery) but I don't really mind because I'm just glad this thing was finally made. Overall, it appears to be treating the subject matter with respect. We'll have to wait & see...
Originally Posted by Z dweller
Could be worse though, we could have got Brad Pitt with a fake British accent, now THAT would have definitely put me off!
Agreed. Even though Brad Pitt is a worthy actor, he doesn't fit. Too bad the Benedict Cumberbatch announcement didn't follow through because he looks the part much better.

Indiana Jones (& "Star Wars") connection: Ian McDiarmid is in this.
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