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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
I have the strange feeling he's tucked some money away for a rainy day...

Yeah. By Egyptian standards he must be fabulously wealthy. Certainly getting American rates for all the big tv gigs in a country where the dollar goes about three times as far. Lecture tour honorariums, etc., and he's swimming in loot.

I checked his Facebook page (1200 other people and I are Zahi's closest buddies....). No new posts since July 14. No place to post fresh comments, either, but you can still post to old comments.

Wonder if he'll stay in Egypt, come to the States for a while, or go elsewhere. Must be kind of sketchy for anyone associated with Mubarak. Could be a good idea to tuck tail and lay low in another country, but pride might keep him there.

He's probably already gotten a few dozen emails with offers for university positions, lecture tours, and the like. I'll be curious to see what he does.
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