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I'm sorrry if I caused confusion, but you are on to my meaning. Alexandria was under the rule of the Ptolemaic Dynasty throughout the Hellenistic period. They even refused to speak Egyptian, hence the creation of the Rosetta Stone as a means to translate. Alexandria had become a marriage of Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures, making it a kingdom unto itself. Therefore, Egypt (Zahi) should have little or no authority over Alexandrian antiquity. It would have been certainly wise to have asked for Zahi's expert advice in the recovery and care of Alexandrian relics, but giving him the free-reigns to lord over Alexandrian discovery in the name of the Egyptian government was misplaced and unnecessary in my opinion. Alexandria possesses many capable and competent archeologists to oversee their own affairs. Alexandria's discoveries belong to their own people, not Egypt. And while the pylon that I mentioned will be displayed in Alexandria, there is little doubt that Zahi would have eventually demanded that it and other Cleopatra-age discoveries be sent to Cairo.
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