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I understand you, Archaeos, and you bring up very valid points, but my issue is with Zahi's ego and broad authority, not with politics or skin-color. As I said earlier, I really liked Zahi at first, but as the years went by, he became increasingly arrogant and down-right tyrannical. He's been called "Pharoah" and he clearly loved the title. He seemed to become more concerened with his own image than academia. I'll give you another example: During "Chasing Mummies", Dr. Allen Morton needed a simple signature from Zahi on a work order. Zahi was expecting the work order, but refused to sign it until he'd finished mingling with some unexpected tourists. He got angry with Morton for doing his job and ordered him to stand in a corner until Zahi had finished taking catering to his fans. "Stand in the corner" is something an adult tells a child who misbehaves, it's not something a professional tells a colleague who is just doing his job. When signing autographs takes precedence over signing important work orders, then clearly his ego needed a reality check. His treatment of Morton was reflective of his lack of respect for other archeologists in general, which was my issue with his authority over Alexandrian antiquity. He just doesn't respect other experts in his field. Without question, Zahi is the world's most accomplished archeologist, but power often corrupts great people.
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