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Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
Second coming of Tom Hanks is a bad thing?

That's all I really have to say as sadly, I've yet to see Blade Runner. Been meaning to for a while.
In my opinion Hanks is overrated! I liked him in Saving Private Ryan and Cast Away, but overall I'm just not crazy about the guy! Not to mention an actor with some serious grit would be needed for such a role, and LaBeouf just doesn't cut it. When I think of gritty modern actors I think of Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Viggo Mortensen, but not Tom Hanks!

To be honest the Hanks comparison has been made by others and I just repeated it, in my opinion LaBeouf is more the second coming of John Cusack!

You really haven't seen Blade Runner yet? You do owe it to yourself to see one of Ford's best roles!
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