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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Get squinting, cos we're waiting!
Good news! Sakis was kind enough to send me high-res versions of the pages so no more squinting! What a relief. A big "sas efharisto" to him!

As I suspected, the name of Ronny's agent was Frédéric Moidon (and not Muidon). Will correct it when I send Sakis the complete text.
Originally Posted by T.E.Lawrence
Thank you Stoo so much for this contribution. I simply adore the part where Ronny is talking about his friendship with Sean off-camera.
What I find interesting is that he keep referring to Patrick so I guess SPF goes by his middle name (like everyone in my family).
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
This is the kind of stuff you should comment on for the Indy Cast! I have to echo: Thanks!
You're very welcome and I may do just that. Page 3 on deck...
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