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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
His life remains a mystery to me, as with the reason he took his own life. For most audiences outside his native land, he will be remembered for his work in Indiana Jones. He was obviously a good character actor, but the feeling I get is that he wanted more recognition, and meatier roles. It's possible he felt neglected, finding fame only in Indy's shadow.

It's sad when anyone takes their own life, and especially so when you seem to get to know them over the course of a television series. It's poignant when he says, "Theatre pleases me very much, I will never stop. Itís contact with the public."
My initial reaction to Remy wasn't favorable, but I came around. He has a certain place and his character really added a great foil for Indy. Fighting with Indy over the correct translation of the Spanish command to kill him or not really won me over. The humor was subtile and the "drama" so to say really caught my attention.
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