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Originally Posted by Demitasse
Stoo, could you or one of the other Francophones...
Just to be clear, Demitasse, I'm an Anglophone.

Anyway, GREAT find! I've always wanted to know more about this guy and what led to his tragic end. One detail straight off the bat is that Young Indy DID NOT bring him the international stardom he was hoping for. Poor Ronny.

I'll try my best to translate the whole segment but certain bits are a little difficult to understand (especially his 1st wife). Stay tuned...

Originally Posted by micsteam
His broken English really wasn't that bad and it was genuine.
Genuine, indeed, and it really adds to the realism of the series. One of my favourite instances of his accent is in "Phantom Train" when he pronounces the word 'disguises' as 'disqueezes'! The show even makes a joke about it, too. Ha!
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