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Originally Posted by indytim
The latest Uncharted game (called UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy) is obviously heavily influenced by the adventures of Indy, as are the other games in the series.

Dumbest post of the year? Maybe. Certainly in the Top 5 thus far!

I'll let you figure out why.

For everybody else, Rebellion has released some gameplay footage from their floor demo. I see some reused Sniper Elite III assets, but it looks good for being early in production. I hope they tighten up some of the enemy AI; as of now, they seem sort of... listless.

Elsewhere, the development team has mentioned how the announcer in the trailer will be commenting on the game's events as you advance through the levels a la the classic pulp radio plays. I'd like to see them expound upon this aspect as it could be quite amusing, and in keeping with the seemingly established tone.
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