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It definitely has an Indiana Jones vibe from the looks but I had to look up the developer on the Internet because I did not know who they were.
Apparently their previous game was Fire Watch, a title I did see on Steam but it wasn't something I was not very interested in.

Having just read the summary of the storyline of Fire Watch on Wikipedia I do not think this game will story wise not be at all like an Indiana Jones if the designers decide to do a storyline in the same vein for it.
I could be wrong but I strongly urge caution to people who are thinking of pre ordering it.

To me Indiana Jones is mystery with some personal story telling as well but not a focus on trying to uncover secrets about each other, oh and there should be some pulp story action in it.

Strange Brigade. I saw a trailer on this game on the RPG codex a while back.
When I saw it I felt it was more like the Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser than the Indiana Jones movies.
I find it difficult to put in words, but if the Indiana Jones movies were already "bigger than life" then those movies were really over the top sometimes.
It lacks a certain subtlety and being a lot more "in your face"

Gameplay wise I do not think it is really like an Indiana Jones game, even if compared to Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. (well not surprising, it is a multiplayer co op shooter)

It feels more like Left 4 Dead with a different skin on top of it.

Oh before I forget, when I saw that trailer for the first time I honestly did not get a "This is a winner" impression from it.
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