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I think the lack of "impetus" is more on the part of George Lucas than any other party, really. George got a real one-two punch when it's come to public acceptance of his last two films, whether it be real (Red Tails), or internet hype, inflated by fanboy blowhards (KOTCS). From the sources cited in this thread, it would seem as though Indy is as viable as ever, or at least more of a safe bet than most. Spielberg has said that he would make time for Indy 5, and Ford has said over and over again that he would do it. Lucas is feeling sorry for himself, and that's all. His allusion to no one being interested in doing it is pure crap, a smokescreen. He's gone from making films that were almost universally loved and accepted, to having people outright despise him and/because of his films. I think he's having a hard time with it. He did "retire" after all.
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