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Originally Posted by Dr. Gonzo
If we were to point out which entry started the down-cline of those films I would point at 2. That can be argued I guess but 3 was definitely a great white turd. And the last one that you speak of was a TV movie.

The point is, was there even a need to make another Jaws after the first?

The answer is no. Unless the need is to make a follow up to the film that created the "blockbuster" and earned the studio tons of cash in which case the studio answered "yes".

There was no need to make any other ones, I agree. Jaws 2 isn't awful, Jaws 3(D) is pretty dire but The Revenge seems to be understood to be one of the worst films ever made. Also, as far as I can tell, it was released theatrically, so I'm not sure about the TV movie aspect of which you speak...
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