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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
Petrograd, July 1917 (a.k.a. part 2 of Chapter 13: Adventures in the Secret Service)

This is also one of two episodes (along with German East Africa, December 1916) where I feel that the loss of the George Hall bookends really detracts from the potential impact of the story, rather than the more common laughs at Old Indy's expense.
I completely agree--the bookends for this episode provide a poignant framework which carries a lot of its emotional weight. Without them, the episode fits awkwardly in its own "movie" (and Indy's running in slow motion no longer has the narrative point it had when you knew about the photograph being taken).

Does anyone know where Morocco, 1917 is supposed to fit in?
It's supposed to fit in September, as that is when Edith Wharton arrived in Morocco for her celebrated visit.
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