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So that's what this thread is about.

It's been mentioned already but 100 years ago (plus three days), on the 15th of October, Mata Hari was executed by a French firing squad after being convicted for espionage.

Search the 'net and you'll find a metric tonne of articles commemorating the date, but the most interesting thing for me can be found here: Memoire des Hommés. It's a searchable database of all the French war dead over the years, and they just made the World War I archives public this past July. Try this link for a direct link to Mata Hari's case file. If it doesn't work, use the previous link to search. Surname: Zelle. For first name just use M.

The original records are in French, naturally, but there's a nice amount of detail if you have the time! I haven't gone through it all yet, but the trial is there, the verdict, and some case notes.
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