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Istanbul, September 1918

a.k.a. Masks of Evil, first half.

Another sleeper, I'm afraid.

This time, Indy leads French Intelligence in Istanbul while posing as a Swedish journalist, Nils Anderson. He is tasked with receiving then delivering the "red letter" proposing a separate peace between the Allies and the Turks to Mustafa Kemal. He has also met and fallen for Molly, an American teaching at an orphanage, to whom he proposes. (That makes how many now?) The delivery of the letter to Indy goes awry, and it becomes clear that one member of the circle of intelligence operatives is a double agent, working for the Germans. Indy eventually recovers the letter but is wounded. Molly helps him recover, and he delivers the letter to Kemal, who sees the concessions as incompatible with his dream of a Turkish republic and rejects it. Molly learns that Indy is a spy, and leaves him. An attempt on Indy's life puts him on the run. The double agent attempts to kill Indy, but kills a returning Molly by mistake, and she dies in his arms.

It's a thin episode, which feels particularly short. The scenery is luscious, and the rooftop fight and other scenes featuring the Blue Mosque are gorgeous. Molly is well acted given the limited material. The gang of spies failed to make an impression on me - I'm still not sure who the double agent was, and if there are clues that should have tipped me off. The score is forgettable, with fairly generic cues.

Okay - what did I miss? Why is this episode secretly awesome?

A two month hiatus, then the big one: in November the damn war finally ends and we get to chase a red line at breakneck pace. I've got my eye on the treasure!
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