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Originally Posted by AtomicAnt
Instead of Modding the game, why hasn't anyone created a Source Total conversion mod? They've done it for GoldenEye and other games, and Source allows a 3rd Person perspective. Source port would be great, we already know the level designs (and the levels in IM are incredibly detailed) and have the music/voices/sound fx, the only thing needed would source models, and someone to compile the code, newer textures and such. Plus, I think modding source would be infinitely easier than trying to mod IM (which isn't really friendly to that sort of thing.)

I don't know a thing about how games are made, modded, converted, etc....But I would LOVE for this to happen. Is anyone here into this sort of thing? Who is perhaps a member of another online community that does this sort of thing? This is a fan project that needs to happen, IMHO.
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