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Originally Posted by Vance
What you're saying here is basically "Redo the entire game, except for the MIDI and voices used." - basically the equivalent of saying "It would be easy, it would only cost about $9,000,000 and take two years in a professional game studio! Let's see it done!"
Black Mesa says hi.

Still, that would only make it hypothetically possible. These guys spent several years remaking a game that still has a very large and enthusiastic fanbase. While I've no doubt about the enthusiasm of those who adore IM (I'm one of them), I just don't see enough volume in our base to undertake something like that. Not to mention miring through the thicket of legal issues there undoubtedly is.

Then again, there are seven billion people on this planet, so if the right match of modders made in heaven get together... because the crapload of money and an AAA grade dev machine to back the project up are actually the least of ones issues. The true gauntlet lies elsewhere.
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