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Originally Posted by Finn
Black Mesa says hi.

I was responding to the specific desire to rewrite the game's engine to be a 3D suite with all the work and time involved. It's not impossible, and, hell, a 3D "immersive" version of SCUMM would be a great thing for PC gaming.. but... it's neither easy or fast to do. It would be a pretty major undertaking... very much akin to making a new (albiet moddable) Drakes Fortune game.

The basic issue is that it's not really a mod, but the core engine that would have to be revisted. There's just not a lot out there for 'adventure gaming' anymore - which requires a different type of engine than a shooter, or even most RPGs.

From there you would also need to redo the graphics to not only bring them up to standard, but completely redo them for a 3D environment. That means none of the old graphic resources would be usable. Again, not impossible to get around, but that's a ****load of time and money to invest.

I'm not against doing it, but as a game developer I've got no delusions about how 'easy' it is when compared what a lot of people think Very little of the original game could be used and released in a remake... If you want a 'quick and dirty' version, you COULD use the new SCUMM engine that works with Windows at hi-res, but you're still redoing a lot of work.
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