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Originally Posted by IndyJr.
At the Somme Indy witnesses the horror of war and is then captured and sent to a high security prison and must try to escape with the help of Charles de Gaul.

At Verdun he witnessed the killing of over 600 of his allies and then was faced with the decision to obey the General of the Army by sending a letter to begin the attack AGAIN (even though NOW two Big Bertha's have been brought in), or acting on his conscious by destroying the letter, disobeying the General but saving many lives for one day...

In the Congo he almost DIED but was saved by Albert Schweitzer. This episode perfectly showed his mortality as well as teaching people about the sanctity of human life!

In Russia during the Russian revolution he befriended some Bolsheviks (while spying against them in the Intelligence)... Mixed between friendship and duty he and his friends have some sort of a falling out and Indy goes to warn them that they will be killed if they continue the revolution! Indy runs out in the streets crying to stop them when a load of machine gun fire is opened up... many non-famous Russians are killed.

These aren't the only good story lines... there are many more! Yes, he does tend to meet a lot of historical figures, but there are times he comes across may non-historical ones as well... if you think about it, everyone's life is a journey; as is Indy's.

Yes, in Young Indy they do keep the same idea of fantasy and drama that was in the originals... but they do show pretty much all things in a realistic light. Death is so real in these films. Life is so precious and beloved. These films make you think of what's important in life. It's not all about Indy, it's about a child growing up in hard times...

Very good post!
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