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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
I just started watching this series on DVD, and will work my way through chronologically (as I guess that's how the DVD set roughly arranges the series).

As a warning, you'll probably enjoy a chronological watching more if you keep in mind two facets:

* The DVD/telefilms are, for the most part, comprised of two originally separate 45 minute episodes combined together to make the 90 minute telefilm.
* Each of the original 45 minute episodes has, rather intentionally, a distinctly different tone.

For example, when you get to "Espionage Escapades", don't be expecting either a continuation of the action/adventures of "Attack of the Hawkmen" or the suspense of "Adventures in the Secret Service". Expect two distinct stories; each humorous, but in unique ways - Barcelona is slapstick, Prague is dark humor.

As much grief as Prague gets, once you accept that it's explicitly a Kafka pastiche, a dark humor tale of futility against the system, it works. Well, it worked for me. Not my favorite, but not altogether deserving of the derision thrown its way.

Even the original two-parters, like "Phantom Train of Doom" have different qualities in the first and second half, emphasizing different characters and relationships, and teaching Indy independent life lessons.
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