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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
As a warning, you'll probably enjoy a chronological watching more if you keep in mind two facets:

I was aware that there are problems with how the films were put together, and this was really apparent with the sudden ending of the first adventure, and in the next moment Corey has aged a few years. It was unsettling to see Corey growing older and younger within the same time frame.

The locations were amazing - apart from Russia with Tolstoy, where a lot of the buildings in the countryside were so obviosuly matte paintings. It stood out because the other episodes had so much attention to location.

I might have overdosed (watched too many in one go), as by China I was getting bored and using fast forward with the subtitles on. I was eager to get to the older Indy. However, when I did see the Edison episode with Flanery I was a bit disappointed. It seemed much sillier than any of the Corey episodes.

The Corey episodes were for the most part rivetting, not for their action, but for what there was to see in them - the attention to detail.

With Pancho Villa you can really start to see the character of the older Indiana Jones. I loved that episode - it's much more adult. Reminded me of Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch.

Lt. Patton with his twin pearl-handled .45s was a great scene, there was even a bit of Spaghetti western 'opera of the eyes' going on.

The character of Remy was introduced in an unusual manner - twice ready to kill Indy, and twice dissuaded.

I'm really looking forward to the war years.
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