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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
I...uh, what?

I was disgruntled by the implication that you thought Gravity looked cliche and boring just because it was a small-scale drama using the tride-and-true "survivor story" premise. One, it's remarkably intense despite the intimate nature, and two, this is a movie that, if you see it on just a home video screen, you very well may fail to properly appreciate it's technical achievements.

Three, I've grown extremely sick of the "if it's an old formula, its bad" philosophy. I don't care if it's a beat-for-beat retelling of The Three Little Pigs: if it's good, it's good and deserves an audience. I personally think the "if it's an old formula, its bad" people are what resulted in John Carter getting grossly unfair negative reviews from many, hurting it's chances of getting an audience.

If anything, I was replying in annoyance because such snobbishness seems immensely out-of-character for you, Sab.

Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
Oh, and kong...

"Non-verbal threat! Threatening! I'm being threatened!"

In seriousness, Eastern Promises is a fantastic film.
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