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Originally Posted by sandiegojones
I remember seeing you on a National Geographic show I think. As interesting as some of these ancient things are, there are much more simple and plausible explanations for them. Until there is a smoking gun I don't think your claims have too much merit.

National Geographic, Discovery, Travel Channel, History Channel, Sci-Fi, Fox, I'm all over the place. I'm tremendously thankful that I'm allowed to live the life I have, traveling around the world chasing mysteries and publishing them in the pages of Legendary Times.

The smoking gun is everywhere - just because some people do not have an open mind to recognize a valid idea does not necessarily mean that it is wrong.

Always remember that the idea that the Earth is at the center of our solar system was not only accepted but set in stone for over 1,500 years before this notion was removed.

What amuses me greatly is that back then, when this false "fact" ruled (!) the mainstream world view, there were as many arrogant punks around (I'm not calling you a punk SDJ) as there are today. Such fierce opposition to new and revolutionary ideas is really nothing new. They, too, clamored and spewed their poison around like theirs was the only way and insulted people who thought outside box.

For as many people as there are out there today screaming bloody murder against the Ancient Astronaut Theory, there are as many agreeing with the concept. That includes university professors, medical doctors, airline pilots, etc.

The fact that some people on here propose (in all seriousness!) that ALL these people are crazy is the height of human arrogance. Such an over-generalization is so close-minded, so stale, so ignorant, that it evokes nothing but deep sadness within me.

I'm always amazed that whenever the Ancient Astronaut Theory is mentioned the only book that people talk about is EvD's Chariots of the Gods. A book that's 40 years old.

How ignorant do you (not you specifically, SDJ!) have to be to base and judge one entire field of study on one book!? To judge it on a book that's 40 years old!? It would be the same as if someone wrote a dissertation on Beethoven's 5th after only hearing the first 8 notes, and then not listening to the rest of the piece!

Anyone with even half a brain will agree that such an argumentation is ludicrous. What about the other, thousands (!) of books that have been written on the topic since by numerous experts, including (!) university professors and doctors? What about the other 36 books EvD has written since Chariots in 1968? Oh, yeah, let's not mention those!

What about the fact that EvD came forward in public (!) and stated that he did make mistakes in Chariots and that he has corrected those mistakes over the years? Ahh! See? No one talks about that! No one mentions the fact that over the years the Ancient Astronaut Theory has eliminated dozens (!) of pieces of evidence because they turned out to be incorrect. Show me one "scientist" who will admit in public (!) that they were wrong. While they do exist, you'll have a hard time finding them. They're far and few between.

By eliminating mistakes, a theory only gets stronger, not weaker.

I am aghast how harshly people judge other people on this Forum without even having met someone in person, without having spent some time with them, without having talked to each other, jumping to utterly false conclusions - and fast! No mercy! No mutual respect! And always below the belt with childish insults, instead of having an intelligent, respectful discourse.

Sometimes it is best, and/or appropriate, that a discussion is simply concluded by saying: We agree to disagree. That's it. There is no need for insults, there is no need for snide remarks and blows below the belt.

The numerous vile insults and unsubstantiated assaults that are dished out in this alleged "fan" community are staggering. Some are under the bizarre spell thinking that they wield some (non-existent!) "power" by having a higher post count etc.

Calling me (and others) "certifiable" etc. and other colorful terms only exposes the people who write such things as imbeciles and arrogant buffoons. Instead of embracing the ideas of others, they are so stuck in their own world view that they start shaking in their boots when something (or someone) comes along that contradicts their frail, core belief system.

This is completely normal and an expected defense mechanism because the idea that extraterrestrials have been an integral part of our human history, is indeed a hard pill to swallow. I'm aware of that. Such an idea frightens them to death and rattles them to the core. To cope, some of them resort to ridiculing an insulting others. And that's ok. I don't blame them. They're not at fault. To some, it's the only way they can clutch onto their world view - and their utter desperation shines through by their questionable actions and insulting ways.

When I get the chance, I'm on here primarily as an Indiana Jones fan, a fan who is excited beyond belief that the new movie will embrace the Ancient Astronaut Theory. But most importantly, because had I not encountered Indiana Jones in my youth, I wouldn't be doing what I do today for a living - and for that I am eternally thankful.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Legendary Times

PS: Watch, inevitably, someone will launch an insult at me for having written what I've posted above - which would only reinforce my point. Watch.
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