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The contrast between the forthcoming DH reprint and the original Marvel comics page is truly stunning - It's amazing how much better the reprint looks.

This is just my .02, but I think one of the reasons that comic companies don't reprint and re-color older comics more often may be because it's logistically difficult to find the original print of an older comic, find the right colors to reprint this with, etc.
So, I think it's probably easier to just come up with a new comic than to
re-color and reprint an older comic, which is why we may not see reprints as often as we do new material. After all, look how long it took a comic company to reprint these old Indy comics - at least 25+ years.

However, when this is done properly we get a result like we now see with these Indy Marvel reprints, which now have new life breathed into them by DH. Hopefully all of the Marvel IJ reprints will look as good as these samples.
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