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Originally Posted by Indyologist
There isn't any scene, per se, that I don't like. However, I don't like the "I'm like a bad penny; I always show up" line from LC. I dunno. It just seemed kind of off. Oh, and I didn't like that tie he wore with his leather jacket, either. But truly, those are the only things I don't like in the trilogy. I'd have to wrack my brain for anything else.

I'll agree with what oki9Sedo has to say about the tie. I'm a big fan, but I'm also someone who sees a lot more in Last Crusade than many do, so you're entitled to your opinion.

The "bad penny" line - I don't know, I feel like it even goes beyond cynicism to be an ironic response. Elsa's trying to act suitably dismayed and emotionally whatever, and he's not going to have any of it; he's perfectly happy to give her no better than a cliche and move on.
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