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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Though with that said, almost exactly half of Raiders's run time is spent in Egypt. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is more extreme in that regard, devoting all but ~37 minutes of its runtime to South America (slightly over two-thirds), but half to what we might consider the Brazil sections, everything after Indy and Mutt are captured at Nazca. About 86% of Temple of Doom takes place in India, about 66% of that at Pankot or its immediate environs. Last Crusade is the most spread out, with 46% of its runtime spent in 4+ European nations (Italy, Austria, Germany, and whatever section of the Mediterranean coast that chase occurs on). Almost exactly one-third of Last Crusade takes place in Hatay. (All of these are estimated based on DVD chapter times given at
If we measure things solely by geographic range, as in how many miles Indy covers over a movie, it's funny that people say they think KotCS had a narrow one, when in reality ToD was far more guilty of it. Indy's only major hop is from Shanghai to India, which is shorter than it takes to go from US East Coast to Peru.

I can see where that misconception probably comes from, though. To a western viewer, Far East may feel notably more exotic than the Americas.
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