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Originally Posted by Z dweller
You are missing the point.

First of all, any self respecting hippy back in the 60s wouldn't be seen dead at the World's Fair.

More importantly, as I said earler, if Disney adpot the Lucas approach they would make sure they show some hippies as a cultural reference.

Even if they choose the Fair as a location, all they need is to show Indy walking through the Village before or after and voila', here are the hippies in their natural habitat.

You really don't understand how the 1960s worked, do you?
You also seem to forget George Lucas is no longer in creative control. He has no power over anything but basic ideas. See: TFA didn't suck.
The entirety of the 1960s was not Hippieland.

These are all photos from the Village taken between 1961 and 1964. I don't see any love beads or long hair.

Hippies didn't really start appearing until 1965, 1966. And I really, really doubt Indy V will be set any time after 1964.

"No self respecting Hippie would be seen at the world's fair"...You'll have to run that by some aging hippie friends of mine whose fondest memories, prior to Vietnam, were of the World's Fair.
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