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Originally Posted by JasonMa
And I don't even know where the series goes from here. The remaining dinos aren't really a threat given their numbers and the fact that they're all still radio tagged. It will take a couple of weeks to round them up and/or eliminate them. Then what? Most of the species didn't even have enough population to breed if "life finds a way". Maybe the compys (which would take us all the way back to the beginning of the first novel, which might be cool).

It's a good question. I had similar thoughts. There didn't seem to be enough dinos, and many of them were the single representation of their species. (I guess not the pterodactyls? or the triceratops w/baby)

But the director more or less said the third film was the film he's always wanted for Jurassic Park and has even said that the first two films were more or less chess moves to get him to the third film. So apparently the film is going exactly where he wants it to go and he has some kind of an idea of what he wants.

After the first two movies, I'm willing to ride along. I think both, while maybe not as iconic, are certainly worthy sequels that open up new doors to the universe that have been (and I think will be) fun to explore.

I keep coming back to the word 'fun'. The first JP had awe. That's hard to re-capture, but you can certainly have fun and I think both Jurassic World movies have been fun and even manage to give us glimpses/shadows of that original awe.
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