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Originally Posted by JasonMa
It feels like they're going for a setup where humans and dinos now have to coexist. A true "Jurassic World". Which, fine, I find that concept really interesting, but this movie doesn't logically set that up. Yeah, I know, its a summer blockbuster, don't think about it much. But in a franchise founded on genetics and "life finding a way" its hard to ignore the realities of the science if that's the route they go.

I'm sure for some it will be. But from the very beginning people have been saying Jurassic Park skirts the realities of science. If one accepts the premise (even for pure entertainment reasons) that man somehow created dinosaurs, then it's hard for me to take one's opinion's about how they skirt the realities of science elsewhere.

So like in a Marvel movie, I know that ships can't fly like that, I know that there isn't any force field tech, I know that sound doesn't exist in space, etc, but I also know that a man can't change into a green rage monster. But I accept he can within the story and so when I see a ship suddenly turn on a dime or someone fall through another dimension, I'm only extending my disbelief within that story to be entertained. Same with JP movies for me, at least.
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