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Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
DuckTales: Remastered: This is actually just the NES game updated with 2013 graphics. I grew up with Ducktales, but I was never familiar with the game, so it was all new for me. Its a really cool game with great attention to detail. They do a great job capturing the spirit of the show(and there's a couple other Disney references thrown in there). It also is pretty challenging when you set it to either "Medium" or "Hard", a big contrast from modern Disney games which tend to be easier than cake.

I had planned on picking it up -- loved the cartoon; don't really remember the game -- but opted to wait once they announced a physical copy would be hitting retail shelves in November. The 12th, I believe. Still, I played the demo at WonderCon and was quite taken with it. Getting the original voice cast back was a coup, and the gameplay is spot on. Looking forward to playing it!

Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
With the release date for Arkham: Origins...

...upon us, the reviews are pouring in now that the embargo has been lifted. While there's some divergence in the scoring systems, the consensus seems to be: It's akin to another Arkham City, but without the refinement and polish of the previous entries in the series. There seems to be some general hand wringing about it lacking 'innovation', too.

Which seems kind of odd. It makes sense to decry annual releases for not doing anything different, but with an already stellar combat do you really need anything more than a topflight story? You can make adjustments, of course, but the core is there and it's solid. Arkham City sits at a 96 on metacritic for a reason...

I really doubt that Rocksteady's next generation entry (face it, it's coming) will expand on the premise all that much more either. In fact, aside from enhanced visuals, I'd like to see a story that entwines The Bat, Nightwing, and Robin (Tim Drake). Batgirl would be a welcome addition too.

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