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Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye did come with this cool Scrooge Pin!

It is a cool pin, but do I really need any more Disney merchandise? Short answer: No. Especially when I still have the DVD sets.

Originally Posted by Finn
Wait... they're printing strategy guides for FPSes now? What for?

Except that they really aren't "strategy" oriented. I've flipped through a couple of 'em, and they're closer to instruction manuals. They tell you where to go, where to exactly find all the collectibles, and how to take down any bosses among other things like complete map layouts. Nothing is left to chance.

Originally Posted by Montana Smith
I bought John Woo Presents Stranglehold from a charity shop last Friday.

I've recently seen it on the store shelf, but can't bring myself to buy it. I'd much rather watch the related movies again. While it doesn't look bad, I just don't know. I'm still on the fence.

Currently, I'm, perhaps predictably, knee deep in the snows of Gotham City. ACIV: Black Flag, surprisingly enough, sits next to it untouched. While I had intended on it being a PS4 purchase, I had to cancel mine due to a hefty vet bill.

The rest of the year will likely end with Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus & Ducktales. I can't really think of anything else coming out I want to get.

In other news, Charles Cecil sat down with Playstation Access regarding the forthcoming Broken Sword V: The Serpent's Curse. The two obvious takeaways: 1.) It's coming to PlayStation Vita in 2014 and 2.) like so many Kickstarter projects is going to be released in halves.

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