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Originally Posted by Goodsport
Besides the double XP earned in Battlefield 4 multiplayer play from Thursday, November 28th to Thursday, December 5th, don't forget to also log into multiplayer on December 5th to receive a free M1911 pistol scope, which was previously reserved only for the DICE developers.

Also, the China Rising DLC pack is now available to all BF4 Premium members and/or to everyone who pre-ordered the game.

Have you ever made a post here that wasn't a paid endorsement for Battlefield or FIFA? Or does the X-Bone give you achievements for how many concurrent posts you make on the same subject?

I need to ask Francis to create a video diary on this phenomenon, because no 'net rage compares to Francis'. Incidentally, this is indeed the future. Pay 60-bucks to platinum any game!

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