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Originally Posted by Udvarnoky
Absolutely. Modern Indiana Jones games are in fact highly derivative of games like Tomb Raider and now Uncharted. Sure, games like those owe a tremendous aesthetic debt to the Indy movies and old serials, but even when they've been good, Indy games of the past two decades have been disapppointingly content with cloning the gameplay of antecedents and throwing on a fedora.

Just seems like it'd be more appropriate if Mister "Adventure Has A Name" would do the leading rather than the following in the action/adventure genre. I'm okay with Fate of Atlantis remaining unseated as the best Indy game since it's just that good, but it's pretty pathetic that after all these years they haven't been able to put together an action/adventure (the genre intuition would tell you the character is better suited to) Indiana Jones video game that rises above "competent Tomb Raider knockoff." And apparently we have to wait six years between these mediocre offerings because at LucasArts it's all Star Wars, all the time.

While I agree with the sentiment, the only Indy game that's remotely similar to Uncharted since its release is Staff of Kings. And that was supposed to come out at the same time as the first Uncharted. At this point I'd love a Indiana Jones clone of Uncharted.

It may not be true for books and comics but more often than not: build a good game and they will come.

And to be fair to Staff of Kings... the proper version was supposed to be the Xbox/PS3 release.
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