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oh my god.

a picture.

i understand that you may have lost all interest in indy IV. well, i even understand it if folks don't want indy IV at all. it is all right to consider the risk as too high, to n.
I'd even understand it if you told me how you didn't want to see a story about an older indy.

i don't understand it, though how the posting of snapshots, in which a 64 years old Ford looks a bit like 64 is manifesting any of these arguments.
You can easily come up with a dozen pictures on which he looks like he may not be able to portray a believable indy. At the same time there are snapshots (from 2005, 2006) that just let you melt away in awe of this man.
But we are not talking about a side show, when we talk indyIV. this is (or wont be) a movie, man.
On almost any video I've seen, that showed Ford appearing on Award Shows (excluding the Emmys ) I was amazed by his charming appearance. Just watch this clip showing him and Calista on the firewall premiere in melbourne, on youtube. he still has the charme and wit in his eyes that made him that perfect for indy. Even if he looks older.

I'd like to see people discuss their opposition of indyIV on this board even if it's just resignation...after all we went through.

temple of john: I followed lots of your posts. Still I don't have a curve showing me how your enthusiasm went most recently. If this outbreak of sudden indyIV ignorance and opposition isn't new, why declare it as such? To bring on this complaint in october 2006 is a bit weird, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I rather have the feeling that we're in a hot stage and if it's not gonna happening in the next 12 months it wont happen at anytime. The neverending talk and repetition of phrases concerning the stage of indyIV happens for twelve years now.
So, in the next few months I think, wether the Koepp play works or doesn't, the fate of indyIV will finally be ...sealed or whatever you call it
That's my attitude right now.
I understand your resignation. But please tell if it is just a feeling in the stomache instead of listing stupid, nonexisting reasons. Reasons like random snapshots upon which an actor's ability to act and amaze are judged.
Yeah, replican't, posting that picture was a big leap for this message board. Maybe we should start a little picture battle. pictures showing a great looking harry vs. those showing one that looks a bit worn out. it's gonna be great.

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