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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Their agenda is pro-third-wave, intersectional feminism, basically. I mean they just announced that Lando is "pansexual" for example and apparently he flirts with Han in the new film. The leading figures in the new films are all women, the antagonists white males, and even the white males who are not antagonists are shown to be deeply flawed [IE, Han is a deadbeat dad and horrible husband, Luke a failure who considered murdering a child and then cowardly hid himself away while the galaxy burned] and/or failures who need to die in order to be redeemed.

Skip to 17:39 in this video, there is no agenda:

And even if their was, why are the female characters so weak, especially Rey?

Rey was so weak in the last Jedi it was embarrassing. Even Luke was never weak like that. She spends the first half of the movie “needing a man” - Luke to save the galaxy. When he refuses she doesn’t go “Well I’m an all powerful girl so I can do this by myself” instead she goes, well I need help from another man - Kylo. And when Snoke (another powerful man) throws her around like a rag doll, Kylo saves her. Even at the end of the movie it’s Luke who has to save everyone’s ass. She was so weak it was unreal. Hard to root for someone who needs men to save her all the time. Episode 9 needs to make Rey a stronger female character, otherwise nobody is going to root for her anymore.

And the one powerful woman character they had in the film - Captain Phasma just gets destroyed by Finn like she was nothing.

Some people think Rey was too powerful in the Force Awakens because she beat Kylo Ren, but they didn’t pay attention to the fact that she grew up with a melee weapon to protect her. So she’s good at it. Plus we saw what Chewies blaster was doing to stormtroopers all throughout the movie, and Kylo took it straight to the gut and was bleeding our big time when they fought. It’s no different from Luke growing up piloting and shooting well on Tatooine and blowing up the Death Star with the force in his first ever film out of nowhere.
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