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Originally Posted by Stoo
Is there any hint at all that Indy went to Berlin after the bicycle chase? Any mention of a "lovely farmhouse among the hills" as related by Old Indy?

You probably know already but it's part of the cut content that actually managed to slip into the West End Games RPG book. It's on TheRaider's timeline but miscredited there as part of Trenches of Hell:

Originally Posted by The World of Indiana Jones
But Indy's luck doesn't hold out for long. After escaping, he joins what he thinks is a German road-mending group. It instead turns out to be a work force of British POWs that are being taken to Berlin. Indy is caught during a roll-call, but quick thinking saves him again. He tells the camp leaders that he is a double agent for the Germans and is sent ahead to Berlin. Once there, Indy is able to contact the American Embassy.

September 1916 Broadened by his experiences on the front, Indy decides to stay in Europe, despite being given the opportunity to return home...

Originally Posted by Stoo
Having Indy relate the causes of WWI instead of the other courier with the food is an interesting change and has left me wondering if Indy would've have been up-to-date with that or not...

For what it's worth, his dad tells Indy (and Herman) that Ferdinand was shot in Sarajevo in Young Indiana Jones and the Secret City while they're in Turkey. Professor Jones decides to get out of dodge because of war talk.

And it happened during (and heavily implied because of) the outcome of Indy and Herman's attempts to get the Knife of Cain off the secret king of an underground city.

So he should be vaguely aware of it, chronologically speaking.
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