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Originally Posted by Nurhachi1991
After his stimulating night with the beautiful Mata Hari, Indy went to the nearby cafe and discussed his affairs with Remey. Remey replied it ain't no fuuuuuuun if the homies can't haaaaaaave noooone.
Getting some tail was Remy's #1 hobby (even AFTER he re-married)!
Originally Posted by Lao_Che
You probably know already but it's part of the cut content that actually managed to slip into the West End Games RPG book. It's on TheRaider's timeline but miscredited there as part of Trenches of Hell:
No, I did not know that. Thanks, Leland! Very interesting and worth mentioning in the Unfilmed episodes of Young Indy thread.
Originally Posted by Lao_Che
So he should be vaguely aware of it, chronologically speaking.
"Secret City" is one of the titles I'm missing so I didn't know about that either. You are right, Indy would have/should have been 'vaguely aware', at the least. Thank you again, Mr. Chee!
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