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I think all the movies have the odd "bad special effects scene" or two... but besides that... chalk me up as another one who didn't like the Last Crusade opening. A part of the little Indy in me died while watching that scene... well, ok, maybe thats exaggerating a bit... but I have to agree with what other people have said about it destroying the whole mystery of the character...
Originally Posted by Indy's Sidekick
The dining scene from doom. That was just gross. I mean, come on! Those were supposed to be relatively normal people there. Snakes and beatles and brains, oh my.
Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
I hate to be one of those types, but what really springs to mind is that borderline offensive invented exoticism of the Pankot Palace dinner sequence. I like the dialogue just fine - that stuff's classic - but the trappings are too much.
Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
definitely the dining scene in ToD for me. i didn't think it was even remotely gross because you could tell the stuff was fake (except for the snakes they swallowed, which I'm still not sure how they did), but i thought it was demeaning to indians. after all, the majority of indians, such as the merchants and others, were supposed to be the protagonists and thus deserved a little respect. if they had thuggees eating sh!t, they i wouldn't care, but these were the good guys, excepting chatter lal. besides, i've eaten indian food at some of my best friend's houses, as a matter of fact i'm going to one's house tomorrow night, and the food is very delicious and anything but gross.
As for the ToD dining scene... maybe its because I was only a kid when I first watched it, but I always thought that it was just supposed to be a gross out, comic relief gag, and never thought about it too seriously. Nowadays, when I watch the movie, I can see how some, especially Indians, would consider it offensive... but I don't think that the strange characters at Pankot Palace were meant to be representative of the average Indian. Actually, I think the scene is pretty important, because it says that there is something more to this group of people than meets the eye... that they're ALL in on the charade, along with the prime minister and maharajah... and its their strange eating habits that give them away.

Too bad there was a scene from the script that takes place right after the dinner scene that wasn't included in the final movie:

Hundreds of lanters illuminate the garden where after dinner drinks are served, cigars lighted and hookah pipes puffed on.

Indiana comes out of the pavilion into the garden with Capt. Blumburtt and they talk quietly.

Rather bizarre menu, woundn't you say?

Even if they were trying to scare us away, a devout Hindu would never touch meat.
(looking around)
Makes you wonder what these people are...
And does your average Kali cultist find ripping peoples hearts out offensive...? Maybe, I don't know... but that added to the whole deal of why the (fictional) Sankara stones were supposed to so powerful and dangerous... I mean if you can do things like rip peoples hearts out and keep them alive with just three stones, imagine the great tricks you could do with five...

Anyway, I like Indian food...
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