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Originally Posted by Bjorn Heimdall
I think for me it's the transformation of Indy after drinking the blood in ToD. Even with rich supernatural elements in all movies the whole "drinking blood and becoming bad" thing just never clicked with me.

The first time I saw TOD and Indy's transformation, I was horrified. Come to think of it, I was horrified by pretty much the whole movie besides Indy & Shorty (Willie... AAHHHH!!!) ...but the transformation thing really got to me. I remember saying "If this doesn't get better in 5 minutes I'm fast-forwarding till Indy's normal again!"
But I also noticed something just as bad--if not worse--in my favorite Indy movie: the "Nocturnal activities" scene. I never liked Willie to begin with; watching this scene not only clinched that sentiment but also made me question WHAT in the world Indy was thinking.
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