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Originally Posted by Lambonius
I think the smart money is still on Ford in a framing narrative with a new younger actor to set the franchise up for further sequels down the line. Disney is thinking long-term with this, not one-off finale.

I think most of the film will be given to Ford but I think it's in their interest to get one Ford Indy out there that Paramount doesn't have dibs on distributing.

Originally Posted by TheFedora
Also a Macguffin I would like to see is Shangri-La/Shambala. (Uncharted did it first I know that but general audience may not)

Indy did variations on it a couple of times.

If it's anything like Star Wars, the Indy spinoffs will be an ideas factory for the films.

And, hey, maybe someone will get around to making a proper Indy game now too.
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