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Originally Posted by dr.jones1986
Lucas in regards to Star Wars was always very firm that only the ideas that he was responsible for such as the movies and cartoon shows were canon. I have seen in several interviews where he said that even though the writers, game designers etc were given approval to create these licensed stories they did not necessarily represent his vision. He saw the Expanded Universe as a place to borrow ideas from which he did, such as the Wookiees and Trandoshans living in the same star system and their dislike for each other, the names for the planet Coruscant and Dathomir which was home to force using witches. I know some writers got annoyed with this because the Clone Wars cartoon contradicted earlier books and other material. Since selling to Disney all that material is no longer canon except the films and the Clone Wars show and they now have the Lucasfilm Story Group keeping a very neat direction of the naraitive in the new Star Wars stories in all media forms.
That's similar, but not exactly, how I heard it. Essentially as I understood it everything in the Expanded Universe was canon, but Lucas/Lucasfilm said that none of that would limit whatever stories they would tell so if future movies or TV caused an Expanded Universe story to fall out of canon, so be it.

That's a bit different than what Disney did (IMO) which was to immediately remove everything from canon and restart.

Regardless, the idea that something Lucas said years ago now limits what Disney will or won't do with Indy is ridiculous. Unless that was written into the contract signed when Disney bought Lucasfilm (and I believe we would have heard about it by now if it had been) all bets are off.
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