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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Does anyone really, really in their hearts want to see an Indiana Jones movie where Harrison Ford's Indy is confined to the role of the Narrator, or confined to short segments with either an assistant or his grandkids where he's basically telling the story the way George Hall did in the Young Indy series? Where his partaking in any action is nil, and he's just an old fogie telling stories of his youth? Is that REALLY the note we want to leave his version of the character on?
Why can't it be the reverse of the opening of Last Crusade? We see Indy "in media res" in an action scene, conveniently filmed in a way to cover for Harrison's age, then we transition to a flashback that sets up the story. Do that a couple of times during the movie, maybe with a longer Harrison piece that's less action-oriented in the middle. We don't need Harrison Indy sitting in a rocking chair the whole movie but it can be filmed in a way to give us the "illusion" of an active Indy, introduce the new "young Indy", and deal with the fact that Harrison can't realistically carry a whole Indy action film.
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